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The Next Generation Simulator For Flight and ATC

Supply of the best simulator and turnkey solutions for the device that will provide effective training on the simulator. Cooperation in obtaining the necessary certification from the competent authorities.

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OPTI-PUMP “Pump Performance Module”
NATIVE and NATIONAL It is a system that is completely commercialized by the researches and development studies of the Turkish engineers and technical team. It is a unique approach and solution for system integration, modular, parametric and special for pumps. (can be customized to equipments with users login). Accessing, monitoring and reporting from all platforms (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac) is possible with user interface coded with java.
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Enterprise Resource Planning
We provide services for the development, design and adaptation of the software for the Business Processes of the institutions.
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Cyber ​​Security
Monitoring of all digital assets open to the Internet, scoring with a special scoring system and providing solution suggestions.
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Mega Power
Power plants are generally operated on a load basis, focusing on the amount of electrical energy generated. For this purpose, data is received by the control (DCS) system. There is no performance indicator other than basic production and yield values.

Additional equipment, systems and software are needed to compare performance indicators with reference values.
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Big Data
Big data, which contributes to the growth and development of each individual using the Internet, is named as a meaningful and actionable form of data obtained from observations, research, search engines, blogs, forums, social media and many other sources.
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